Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Think twice

I know bloggers' influences are big enough to compare with celebrities these days.
 I ain't saying myself is a celebrity *take note Don't attack me ;(
I ain't a famous blogger too! *humble enough
I mean Me myself, as a blogger thinks that I should post up something that are educated and meaningful once in a while, not just advertorial  posts,emo posts,outing posts etccccc... 
As what I've been concerned lately was the suicide trend. -.-
There are average of 60 suicides per month in Malaysia according to research and it is still growing tremendously OMG -.-   I did not create this number myself laaaaa, click here for further info  *link   
This is a case that we really need to take it serious about.
I'm getting annoyed when i flip over the newspaper every morning and what i read on the newspaper cover is all these cases :
I dunno what's your opinion on them but for me i think people that commit suicide are people that don't know how to appreciate.. :( 
You see, when someone is committed suicide everyone is affected, his or her family members, friends, teammates, neighbors, and sometimes even those who didn't know the person well might experience feelings of grief, confusion or guilt too.
They never thought of after their died will bring an endless pain hole to the people that loved them.
As a Chinese, you should know that 百行以孝为先,  
in case you don't get it, I explain here : it states that every single move we take, we should put filial piety as the first place.
Think of your parents that had raised you for more than 10 years time, you don't even have a opportunity to devotion or honor to your parents. ashamed no?
You willing to see them crying beside your coffin shouting your name?Whenever they see your pictures, they wipe their tears silently?
AND your lovely friends that supported you all the time?
Suicide is equally being not appreciated, children that don't love themselves destroy their lives without thinking that their lives are actually given by their parents.
You're not given in return for any upbringing of grace to your parents, and what you did to repay them is just a jump or cutting down?
Selfish enough?No?!
Suicide for the love one, the second of retaliation will allowed him or her live in the burden of life and pain forever.
Imagine yourself :)
I know, Life doesn't always goes well as planned.
SUICIDE is not the only way out. 

I know maybe that's a problem in your heart that probably no one can understand, stress that you couldn't overcome..
Try to stand on the other angel, and see others that struggling to survive under difficult circumstances, you will find how lucky you are.
I suggest when you feel it is time to give up life, I wish you could take a trip to the elderly homes, orphanage or hospital..
You will see there are actually more unfortunate people that having difficulties to catch their next breath still struggling there to fight for survive. Why give up buddy? :)

We should stop kicking ourselves up for a messy relationship or friendship, blaming god is unfair.

Sometimes people change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so you can appreciate them when they're right, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can come together.
Everything happens for a reason, it's time to get over that regret or awful feelings and start a brand new you :)

Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once.
So, makes it no regrets
I cheer for you loves.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Happy Belated V-day! ♥♥♥♥♥♥
I'm here to show the treasured ones in my life how much he loves me and has my best interests at heart but I did not appreciate it..
Sorry domobi :"( for all those harsh words on Valentine's day, I don't mean it.
I'm sorry I gave you a very cold respond, I know you keep your disappointment..
and still thanks for trying so hard to make me a surprise.
Not gonna say it is some great dream gift that I wanted but still thankyou
I know probably you will just leave or dump me very soon just because of my like Malaysia's weather mood or the very super hyper extremely bad temper..*ohhh noooo!it was in my dream last night T.T nightmare
I always thought myself was the BEST gf in this world that you couldn't find anymore but the way you treat me let me realized I'm wrong. opps ;X hen xiasui le
In the opposite way, you're the real man that i couldn't find anymore, happyyyyy? weeeeeee ;DDD  
I know I'm the lousiest gf in this world laaaaaa, i just wanna to say
I dunno how much iloveyou..is TOO MUCH and overload i think 
Thankyou for being with me all the time :)


            <----------- He is my LOVE
                       Flowers that i purposely forgot and left it at his place ;D teeheee!                        

Not going to promise anything here that i gonna change or whatever..
I don't want you to feel disappoint anymore, i will try my best k biii <3
to all singles our there: Happy Valentine's too :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fly feelings fly ♥

Last day of CNY and i'm still posting this :p

Personally like this picture a lot because I look really oriental but people seems don't really like it :(
For more pictures click here*
Special thanks to the diam diam ubi berisi photographer: Chan Wai Wah
Anyway I'm here to wish everyone: 
祝大家在兔年行好运,兔气扬眉 iloveyou~

Awww..I look a little shy here ;p
I think i look better with hair down, but domobi likes when i tie it up..crashed feelings zz
Not enough blessings?I bring my sisters mother and grandfather to wish you all k?
The handsome and kindly look guy in the middle is my lovely yeye :) say hiiiiiii~
whenever since my ama left us, he is the one that I really precious a lot, the one I will never wanna lose.

My sistery lovessss
p/s :Kennie/Allycia your cheongsam is gonna explode!fatssssssssss

Tell me how grand how fatanbulous is your re-union dinner, I wouldn't envy..
I still loving mine, reunion inner that fulled with joys :)
 That were actually a steamboat too but bbq tempted me only so no pics taken for steamboat section lol

 Having bbq in kampung is difetinalt a MUST TRY!

Beacons that make me orgasm! *slurppppp

Went to Melacca on Chu Er ...

Sistery Loves again..
Ohhh i Don't like my brother lol

Rice ball!!!
If mummy could cook this everyday.... *dream
Mummy and Daddy
and still my daddy doesn't loves my mummy alot, see his expression HAHAHAH!

best shoot!!!!!
kill timessssssssss..

epic expression lol
Everyone is obsessed by my domobi

Lastly, wish you have a great year ahead enjoy your 2011 :D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A walking corpse

Why am I only feel like blogging when I'm down, down all the way till hell..
Felling myself like trapping in an spoilt elevator that goes down without any wries or strings that catch it..
such a BIG LOSER :(
They said just be whoever you want to be, this is totally  BULLSHITTING! 
Come on, nobody can accept your originality anymore..face the fact!
Let's see..
If you're just speaking out everything from your mind with guts, people thought you talk without filter it..such a BRAINLESS human being.
If you say something that they don't like it, you're a bitch.
If you're just criticism or complain whoever whatever you don't like, you're such a sohai or problem maker..choose either one :) 
If you speak out something meaningful but it sounds similar like your friend's, you're such a copy cat!
If you act like yourself, dress up what you want..You're such a lala with zero fashion sense.
If you intimate someones' dressing, you're such a LOSER with no autonomy.
If you put on make up and you look ' a bit' diff from your naked face, you're an FAKE ugly whore!
More sui, if you did plastic surgery..YOU'RE JUST a piece of WALKING PLASTIC!
Ok, if you blog like me..YOU'RE SUCH a drama queen..
anything else to add?
I ain't fearing you with my dramatic post, think twice yourself which one portray your voice and let me know :) need rainbow to colour my feelings now.

No matter how hard you try to rescue some relationships, there are always a mark of defect.
Love doesn't last long, you need to rebuild it all the time to make sure it grows

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hii can you be my everything?

A naughty boy that kena punished for not replying my message 
He is the naughtiest creature in this world, no doubt *HAHA! ;p
**This is a post that I ignored for months time..but i still feel sweet deep inside my heart when i see this ♥ 
Ohhhhhh..and i miss my lengzai phone :"(

hehe..I'm loving my blog new header, it motivates me to blog again 

So here I am wishing everyone a Merry Merry X'mas & a Happy New Year!!
*picture credited to Chan Wai Wah-the diam diam ubi berisi photographer :)

I'm planning something BIG..stay tune :) will blog about Mirros too

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hello helloooooo!! I am working for Voir Roadshow ;) with Cherlyn, Rachel and Fiona under Campus Plus Magazine..
Sorry for the lousy pixel, picture is taken by iPhone3GS..
Use to it Im not those kind of people that bring camera everywhere ;p
This event is really happening because they cover up lots of activities,fyi thet didn't pay me to advertise for them  :)
Voir Shoes Model Search-Winner could have a chance to photoshoot and feature in fashion magazine Majolica sponsored hamper, Miss Cinderella-i like this part the most, the organizer will just randomly pick a shoe and girls lining up to try..Whick lucky cinderella that could fits the shoe well bring it back :) awwww
Besides that's free goodies bag,Voir pv member card, Innova, HTC booth, dance performance, live band ETC ETC

Interested?Come spot us at college now!!!
We will be at Taylor's lakeside tmr 29/9
SEGi Kota Damansara 11/10
and last satation Monash 13/10
More infor please click here ;D
 You don't wanna miss this serious!!!!
P/S: don't forget to bring along your tube of mascara to get it exchanged for a brand new tube by Majolica Majorca absolutely free :D